Saturday, April 2, 2016

5 Easy to assemble lift chair recliners

Lift chairs have been at the core of support systems for decades now. There is no dearth of lift chair models in the market, but when you want to buy one, things become really difficult as you don’t know what to do. It’s highly unlikely that you know what to pick when you go to a store, as all the fancy model names as well as the jargon the salesman throws your way, pretty much sound the same. Then how do you know which model to pick and which one to say to no? The answer is right here as we give you a comprehensive list of the best of the best in terms of comfort and lumbar support amongst all the existing lift chair models. You can order all of these models from the internet and have them delivered at your place without even leaving the comfort of home. 
Medlift 59 series 
The 59 series of the Medlift brand is also known as the Bentley series and this is for a reason. Like the car, this chair system provides performance driven seating systems coupled with a really efficient comfort back rest. It has integrated springs that have the no sag technology so that they are good to go for a long period of time without any pressure influenced wear and tear and loss of tensile strength. It comes with a 4 year warranty on everything except the skeletal framework, which gives a life time warranty. The con is the absence of an arm or head cover.
Mega Motion LC-100 
As it so happens, this chair is quite easy to operate as compared to the other chairs in this list, solely due to the fact that this power chair is an infinite comfort recliner position chair as compared to the conventional 3 way going chair. It can be optimized to serve any purpose and as a hardwood grade framework that gives it that robust look and the elegant finish on the textured exterior coupled with the padded back rest gives it that comfort level that you are looking for. It is an all-electric device with a battery backup second to none. 
Comfort Chair Company Sleeper 
This comfort chair has a relatively softer seat that allows for the well engineered wood frame and the superior fasteners to result in an all around comfort zone with a removable back in case you want to customize it. The main thing to remember here is that the ottoman and the back cover are independent of each other and can be manipulated individually in accordance with the activity at hand. This lift chair can go up to a full recline and the movement of the chair revolves the whole foot rest up to the foot level before the chair reclines.
Windemere FC-101 
Another infinite position chair in the list, this one lifts and reclines without compromising in the comfort levels on any standpoint. It has a sturdy furniture grade hardwood skeleton that can be operated from the comfort of the double button control pad. The underlying lifting mechanism is basically heavy duty steel that has a guaranteed long life and the whole motor powered system comes with a nifty little battery backup for both its motors. With a weight capacity of 325, this lays a little low on the capacity spectrum and might not be ideal to heavier bodies and masses alike. 
Windemere AS-3001
This is an infinite position chair but it has the zero gravity lift option as well, which along with its two tiered back rest system and polyester fabric that is heavy duty, gives it an overall finish that is very hard to miss if you’re aiming for comfort and performance. The lifting mechanism is all steel and the zippered cushions and padding make it easy to adjust the amount of comfort you want to tweak it to. There is a chaise pad for the level of comfort and an emergency battery backup for better performance in case the main battery gives in. 

The models listed are all top notch with no compromise in quality whatsoever. However, it completely depends upon you as to what kind of model you want for yourself, since getting a good model is not the only criteria. You want a product that suits all your prerequisites such as funding and available space depending on the kind of apartment you have. Therefore while buying one you have to be sure that you do not really have any problems whatsoever at a later stage of time, and can easily get adjusted to your new lift chair without any hassles whatsoever.


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